We could not have done this alone


Hòfi Kultural is characterized by a few remarkable buildings that offer space to engage industrial activities for all ages. A lot has been involved in building Hòfi Kultural from the ground up, and it still does. Fundashon Plataforma Kultural would never have been able to manage this on its own. Thanks to sponsors and others, the foundation continues to grow and build. BonNed and Bonaire Building Management are two of those sponsors, and we would like to introduce you to the people behind it.

Excellent cooperation

Aside from running his own company Bonaire Bouw Management, Isandro Wanga is also the superintendent on construction for BonNed. Erik van Wordragen, BonNed’s director, approached Isandro to collaborate on the project Hòfi Kultural. Within Hòfi Kultural, BonNed took on the largest part of construction, where Isandro’s time was mostly spent organizing, advising, overseeing and coordinating. His efforts enabled BonNed to solely focus on its own tasks without having to worry about the rest. This was a very pleasant way to collaborate between all parties, according to Isandro. Everybody was involved in thinking along, and by means of a WhatsApp group created for this purpose, the communication within the team went smoothly.


Isandro felt incredibly involved in the project and enjoyed being able to use his knowledge and the skills at which he excels. By employing his network, he tries to enthuse others to sponsor non-profit foundations or stimulate others to charge a lower price for their work in such cases. “The benefit of this way of working is that you come into contact with people from different branches, which is great for the name of your company,” Isandro says. An added advantage! Isandro completely supports the goal of the foundation, and he sees himself participate in one of the activities, such as playing the cuatro or dancing the waltz, mazurka and simadan, when he is a little older. 

A different way of sponsoring

Taking into account the size of the company, BonNed is often in public view and frequently approached by schools, interns, and people requesting sponsoring.  Erik was also invited by Hòfi Kultural in this capacity, to have a look on site and see what others had already accomplished with regard to construction. “Everything was half-finished, and the foundation asked if we could sponsor with manpower, advice, and materials to push the work in the right direction,” Erik says. He was definitely interested, and he immediately included Isandro in the project. Together, they examined how best to tackle the project with its limited budget and the materials already available. The goal was to make it usable and functional. BonNed sponsored by means of materials, machines, and discounts. Erik is looking into the ways in which BonNed can help the foundation even this year


BonNed has sponsored many foundations - related to, for instance, sports and carnivals - but Erik considered Hòfi Kultural to be different. “When it comes to an initiative such as Hòfi Kultural, there are many different aspects at play that a lot of sports foundations don’t offer. It makes for a different type of involvement; this is more about people, music, and culture,” Erik explains. This project also involved the act of building itself, which drew both men to it. Erik is very enthusiastic about the willpower of the people involved in the foundation, who try to reach a large group of people in a simple way. This gave Erik and his company an immense impulse to support the foundation and he wholeheartedly hopes that Hòfi Kultural will get very far. He would love it if, 10 years from now, it can be stated that BonNed has created a small start of a successful foundation, and that the land will be completely packed with buildings. He wishes the foundation every success, and BonNed gladly watches the Hòfi Kultural develop further.

Fundashon Plataforma Kultural is incredibly grateful to Erik, Isandro, and all others who have contributed to the project for their help, advice, and time! Masha danki tur hende! 

Are you curious to the development of Hòfi Kultural? Feel free to drop by some day, or join one of many activities organized by Hòfi Kultural. Check www.hofikultural.com/new-events for all dates and times

Isandro Wanga (Bonaire Bouw Management)
Isandro guides construction projects on site, plans, manages the purchases, and organizes the staff. Isandro can be approached if you want to build a house, for example. He will then draw up a plan for guiding the construction project. He also provides financial advice, helps with the inspection of houses, determines the status, and draws up an overview of the costs of potential repairs. 

Erik van Wordragen (BonNed)
What once started on Sint Maarten continued on Bonaire 11 years ago. Since then, Erik van Wordragen has been running BonNed, which has grown to be one of the biggest construction companies in Bonaire. BonNed offers construction work in all areas: new build, renovation, infrastructure, and the company even has its own carpentry division. This versatility is required on a small island like Bonaire, where it isn’t wise to bet on one horse, Erik explains.