Activities 2016

In 2016 we started to build Hòfi Kultural. In February Louis Posner and Hyacinta 'Chinta' Merselina together laid the first foundation stone of the building. During 'Bon Doet' trees were planted by volunteers.

The following activities for the elderly took place: dancing, playing kwarta and storytelling. In September we started with a music program for children at Kolegio San Bernardo. 60 Children played guitar, brassband, kwarta and percussion. In December the children and the elderly gave a presentation of what they learned. The activities happened at Villa Antonia.

In September we also started with a program together with Fundashon Nawati and Forma, to perform the Bonairean New Year's tradition Maskarada. In January the students from Forma gave a presentation of Maskarada at three different schools.

Activities 2015

In the beginning of 2015 we completed the project Pone Bari Ronka. Children form Childcare organisation Fesbo took part of the Ruti di Bari at Mangasina di Rei. We made a informatiebooklet about the Ruta di Bari. The booklet and the DVD were handed out to the Rijksvertegenwoordiger. In February a conference of UNESCO took place. Footage from our DVD about Pone Bari Ronka was displayed and explained to the participants of the conference. Watch the video here.

In January the second year of ‘Children Making Music’ started. 40 Children played brassbandm 5 children bari and 5 children kwarta. The group of winners, the All Star Brassband, of last year continued their lessons for another year. In June the final presentation was held on the Wilhelmina Park. In July the All Star Brassband visited Curacao to perform together with Brassband B.E.M. and participated in music workshops.

Activities 2014

In January the project Çhildren Making Music’ started.100 Children participated in music lessons and performed in June. On the 17th of February the project was launched by music performer Carlo Balemans who made music together with all the children on boomwhackers.

In 2014 the project Archive Bonaire was completed together with FuHiKuBo. We launched the website in June 2014. We digitalised the complete archive from Boi Antoin and made a website were people can find books, pictures and documents about Bonaire. It was a project together with Regionaal Archief Dordrecht.

In September 2014 the project ‘Pone Barí Ronka’ started. Children learned how to make and play the Barí by the elderly form Bonaire. The project was presented at the Dia di Barí at Mangasina di Rei.